Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Double Hop

The Road of Life
Having enjoyed Boston and this history rich area, I've missed the remote and open country we had in Alaska. Since Alaska is not yet back in the cards, remote locations however will once again be. Thankfully, radio travels easily and it won't be long before I'm signing AK2MA/7. I never put up anything permanent while living here on the east coast. And honestly, I've had little time for radio and I seriously miss the activity on the bands. As I've mentioned many times before, that's the great thing about this hobby, it's waiting for you when your schedule allows. But life sometimes gets a bit busy and priorities become a bit different. Missing another contest season is tough but maybe someday we can settle down enough for me to put up another average station. 

As my job takes me to new adventures in a new part of our beautiful country, I'm hopeful that I will find a bit more time to get back into playing on the CW and digital portions of the ham bands. I will have my portable set up as we travel across the country but I'm sure winter weather and time restrictions will limit my activity until I once again get settled at our new QTH. Like propagation, our double hop move will be exciting but like many moves, this one is bittersweet. Leaving behind new friends and of course, we will be farther from our long time friends and family (most). But, some old friends await our arrival to our new QTH and it will be fun reuniting with them. 

I'm thankful for my career opportunity and I'm looking forward to the months ahead. As I put 1'land in my rear view mirror sometime in December, I will be leaving behind many a fond memory of this propagation rich part of the country. And with that, it's on to Chapter 4...  


  1. Hello Phil, I thought I had a busy life. But at least I can make time for radio now and then. But yours is on a rollercoaster. Again moving. Wish you and yours a good travel and happiness at your new home. 73, Bas

  2. Thanks, Bas! I hope to catch you from the west coast! 73 my friend!