Sunday, December 28, 2014

30 Meter WSPR...A Successful Failure

30 Meter WSPR 
I had my station set up to transmit and receive WSPR on 30 meters last night. I was able to get the software to transmit and I began to receive a few stations. My plan was to let it sit and listen for several hours however, Mother Nature planned otherwise. With a fresh batch of snow accompanied by wind, we experienced several power outages last night and even into Sunday. The first few times the power went out, I set everything back up only to have it shutdown when the power went out. This would normally not be an issue as I have battery backup supplies for all of my shack. Sadly, they are all still in storage. So, it was fun while it last but I decided to switch modes back to CW today and do more monitoring than transmitting. For my indoor setup, the bands have not been very favorable for DX'ing. Hopefully things will get better as I'm very excited about Straight Key Night, which is fast approaching. Not sure where this year went but it's nearly over.

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