Tuesday, March 25, 2014

JT9, My Next Experimental Mode

First JT9 Decodes by AK2MA
I finally downloaded WSJT-X so I can experiment with JT9. Since I have run JT65A for a few years, this has a familiar feel to it. There are some differences in which I will need to familiarize myself with. Since I'm running QRP for much of my operating here, this will be another great weak signal mode to snag some juicy DX with. 

I decided to just monitor 40 meters tonight to see what I can hear. I probably won't attempt my first QSO with this mode until the weekend but I wanted to start getting familiar with it. The download was quick and the install was very easy. The program was decoding once I got the initial set-up completed (selecting the com port along with adding my callsign and grid square). 

Hamspots JT9 & JT65 Spots with my first DX spot - G3VGZ
Once I saw stations decoding, I set it up to report to the web those stations that I was hearing. This is where I will leave it run, in receive only mode. I prefer not to jump immediately into new software and start making QSO's. It's time now to sit back, read the manual (yes, that thing that we normally don't do) and then when I'm comfortable enough with the software, I'll throw out my first CQ's. I'm sure this will help me in my low band, QRP pursuit of snagging some countries that would otherwise be tough with my minimized set-up. 

I recently ordered a refurbished laptop which I plan on using as my main ham computer. Once it arrives, my desktop will be retired and the laptop will be my casual operating & contest computer. Since I won't have a dedicated hamshack for several more years, it's time I consolidate and downsize.  


  1. Great Phil, 40m is usually crowded with JT65 and JT9 signals. I see you did pick up some. Now for TX.....go! Goodluck, 73, Bas

  2. Thanks, Bas! Yes, I'll be looking for ya!

  3. Good morning Phil, thanks for the link to Hamspots had never heard of the place but I registered and in the process of checking out all the links.....

  4. Mike, I really enjoy that site! Very informative and helpful when working the digital modes. Hope to see ya on the air soon! 73!