Saturday, March 29, 2014

JT9 Transmitted & Received

First JT9 QSO
My very first QSO on JT9 was with PA3FOE just a few minutes ago. Success! I was running my indoor Buddipole antenna with my Icom IC-703+ at 4 watts. Since I was logging with an older version of Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) Logbook, I had to add the mode as it was not in my drop down menu. Once that was added, in the logbook my QSO went. Not a bad start but I'm finding the bands less than favorable today (Saturday). Obviously, this is when software generated weak signals modes will shine. Roughly a 3,500 mile QSO from MA to the Netherlands. Also, my Buddipole is being a bit stubborn today tuning the different bands. Or maybe the coil taps (clips) are bit more challenging for my ageing eyes today. Running a Buddipole indoors is a bit more challenging to tune (obviously) as there is plenty to effect the SWR

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  1. Good afternoon Phil, great work on the first JT9 contact I have heard that is more action on JT65 as JT9 is still new. Nice work on the indoor antenna as well. I hope to get my digi stuff up and running soon, we have been out and about today running around.